This video,, can also be seen at (by Saatva) adjustable base overview (video) GoodBed’s simple explanation of the features and functionality of the Lineal (by Saatva) adjustable bed base. Since early 2017, all 11.5" Saatva mattresses are compatible with an adjustable base.Customers have the option to purchase the lineal adjustable base with their saatva solaire mattress which offers zero-gravity support, wave massage, and under-bed illumination. This base is compatible with most open bed frames or can be used on its own. No box spring or foundation is needed.Because of my preoccupation with being in bed all day long, I need to be in love with my setup. Just like some people stay in bad relationships too long, I used to put up with bad sheets far longer.Researchers say we spend up to 35 percent of our lives sleeping, so picking out a mattress that best fits your needs, but also fits your budget, is a big decision. Our guide will help you find the.The Lineal Adjustable base by Saatva is an adjustable bed that has a motor built in for massage. You can purchase it via the Saatva website or the Loom and Leaf or Zen Haven website. It has separate settings to incline the head and feet.Although budget-friendly, this mattress does not compromise on quality-and there are thousands of positive reviews to prove it. Having someone set it up for you. Saatva is offering free White Glove.You may be familiar with Saatva if you’ve looked into purchasing an innerspring mattress online. Saatva makes high quality 11.5" and 14.5" mattresses with a spring-like feel that can be delivered straight to your home. They recently updated their 11.5" mattress and introduced an adjustable base, Lineal, that will work with the new mattress or any.The need to adjust: For those who have trouble getting comfortable in bed, the Lineal Adjustable Base from Saatva moves your mattress so you can get into the best position. Like a first-class seat on.The Lineal Adjustable Base. There are plenty of good reasons to choose the Lineal Adjustable base, which is designed by Saatva to enhance their mattresses. Beyond offering comfort and support, this base is loaded with features to make your sleep experience peaceful and relaxing.